Blissful bathroom décor

When it comes to home décor, the bathroom can end up being somewhat of an afterthought, but this shouldn’t be. Like the kitchen, it’s a room that has simply got to be in your home though, so it is a good idea to pay just a little bit of attention to its style and design.

One problem that people can encounter when looking to revamp the bathroom, is the fact that often they can be a little bit on the compact side. Don’t let this hold you back though, since there are always ways to keep your bathroom looking fresh and stylish.

Gleaming white

These days, forget dodgy avocado coloured bathroom suites – most people choose basic white, and honestly there is nothing so chic and clean looking. And there are some distinct advantages to choosing white – namely that the choice is going to huge!

In addition to this, since white is the most popular colour, it also means it’s the most economical which is ideal if you’re on a budget. White is also the easiest to keep clean and gleaming too, so why not keep things simple.


It’s traditional, and it lends itself particularly well to the revamping of small bathrooms, so why not give tiling a bit of go. This can be the perfect way to add touches of your personal style too since although white tiles are classic, there are so many other choices from seaside to Tuscan!

And if you’re really looking to create a chic bathroom space, then tiling the floor, with non-slip tiles of course, is going to look great. Plus it’s going to be a breeze to keep clean.

Some textiles

It’s true that you can’t throw textiles all over the place in a bathroom (and who would want to anyway?!), and we’re not recommending toilet seat covers, but there are some necessary bathroom textiles that can easily add to the décor.

Invest in some good quality towels for example, that are big, fluffy, and will stand the test of time. There are some great designs out there, or keep it simple with classic stripes. Get your hand towels and face towels to match, and even bath mats if possible. This will help to keep your bathroom looking simple, sleek and elegant, and it’s not even pricy to shop good looking textiles.

When it comes to your bathroom décor, if you fancy a change, it’s quick and easy to do so take a look into it now.