Making your garden a delight

Whether your garden is the size of a postage stamp or is on grander scales, chances are that you’re going to want to make the most of it. And it’s not even like you need to be a green-fingered whizz to get your garden looking shipshape.

For many of us though, it can be a little tough to get going in the garden, especially when we consider the cooler months when it can be difficult to appreciate it. With our handy tips though, your garden can be delightful whatever the time of year.

All-weather area

With the unpredictable weather, if you want to get as much use out of your garden as possible it’s a great idea to create an all-weather area. That means perhaps a patio or some decking with the addition of a shade that can also protect you from the rain.

In this area, you should also add some seating if you can, and a table, since this is the perfect place to do a little outdoor entertaining too.

Barbeque time

Although we always associate barbeques with summertime, as long as the weather is dry and not too windy, it’s so simple to get the maximum use out of your barbeque year round. A lot of us are barbie fans, and there’s nothing quite like that fresh chargrilled taste.

Invest in a decent barbeque, preferably with an external energy source like gas so that you don’t have to spend hours heating it to an optimum temperature. And just remember the golden rule of the barbeque – always clean it after you use it!

Evergreens and perennials

Especially if you’re a bit of a gardening newbie, when you hit the gardening centre for the first time you can easily find yourself drawn towards the most dramatic and beautiful blooms. However, often these will only bloom for a short amount of time before they’re gone, which is why you should be checking out the evergreen perennial plants.

Evergreens are of course plants that last year round – think holly and pines. And as for perennials, they are plants that will bloom year after year, meaning when they die back after their moment in the sun, you can expect to see them again next year. These types of plants are the perfect way to achieve a low maintenance garden that will still look good whatever the season.

Solar lighting

And if your garden really does need a bit of sprucing up, especially for those long summer nights, one of the quickest and most economical ways is to add some solar lighting. These days there are so many options to reflect the style of your garden, so get shopping!

A delightful garden might take a little bit of effort and investment, but when you consider the hours of enjoyment it can yield, it is definitely worth it.