Unique Garden Design Ideas for This Summer 

Creating an outdoor oasis this Summer!

Create your own outdoor summer living area. Get creative, tile the floor with some funky colourful tiles, invest or DIY some furniture, create a roof and you’re ready to host some fantastic garden parties! Your area is…ok not done. It’s the accessories which will make it special.

Look online for inspiration or simply bring indoor items outdoors, possibly old vases, seating, rugs, pillows or blankets. This will create a warm and comfortable area, with your own style clearly on show.

Most importantly do not forget to add in some plants and flowers, the more unique the better!  This is your chance to really let your personality shine, so don’t hold back.

Regardless of the type of garden you are working with, this idea will work for any garden area! If you do not have a fence or wall area in your garden this will also work with a divider wall, which can be made from wood or bought from most hardware/garden stores.

Buy or build long flower boxes, switch up the size of them.  If you create a selection of flower boxes, each wit different heights and sizes, this will give a real chic design to your garden wall.

You do not need to stick to flowers, butterfly’s and bee’s love greenery too, mix it up and get creative. This is a great activity to involve children in, even painting each box with different colours and shapes can give your garden a personal touch.

These flower boxes also look lovely on your balcony, or if you do not have a garden at all why not get involved in some community garden work at your local park, or help a friend or family who is thinking about renovating their garden space.

Create your very own secret garden. By adding mirrors to a small garden, it can create the illusion of a wider space. It also looks enchanting and unique.

Adding picture frames to a garden wall, along with plants and flowers, is also a cool and unique way to display your gardens greenery.

Bare lightbulbs are on trend within interior design. Why not incorporate that into your garden. Having lightbulbs filled with water and floating flowers is a gorgeous display idea hanging from trees or hooks in your outdoor area.

Gardens are not just for during the day. Light up your garden at night and watch it come to life. Watching sunsets, enjoying barbecues and warm evenings are some of the best aspects of summer time.

Place lanterns big and small around your garden, use solar powered lights to ensure your garden is environmental, this can make a small seated area cosy and inviting, and your friends and family are sure to love your creation.

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