Creative Room Divides

If you are lucky enough to have a large room you feel is losing its homely touch and wish to make it more intimate and cosy then creating a room divide is the perfect solution.

This does not need to be a typical bland wall, get creative and think outside the box. This can be a unique feature in your home and a possible selling point.  Take into account the style of your home and what will move well with modern design trends.

The best part is that this option is not as concrete as building a real wall, literately. It can break up a room into different functions possibly adding value to your home.

The first step is to decide how transparent you wish your divide to be, as this can completely change the energy throughout your home and this particular room.

Using a glass frame divider can reduce echo and help keep warmth within the room. This can also help retain the size of the room without making the large area feel smaller. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this work yourself you could hire a handyman company to help with the work.

Other forms of dividers can be used which are functional such as design savvy book shelves, this can display nice vases, plants accessories and pictures.

Look into office and hotel divide solutions as they often use very creative ways to separate rooms. In living room/dining room spaces it is a nice and warm idea to have a fireplace which is visible from both sides of the wall.

This can be used in the garden also. Try using wooden slates to create a wall and integrate colourful plants or foliage to create a secret garden effect. This is nice around a seating area and can act as a wind trap.

Using wooden slates at an angle can also give privacy without separating the space fully. This concept can also help separate light around the home as well as noise.

Permanent non-transparent walls are often just as effective. Be considerate of your choice of material as it is a design feature within your home and for the next people you sell too.

This can create an extra room within the home, an extra bedroom, living area, toilet or cupboard.

This is definitely something to consider, possibly using a non-permanent wall divide concept to trial and test the environment it creates is a good starting point before going ahead with anything you may regret. Or stick with the transparent divider concept and gain the best of both worlds.


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