Cosy living room design ideas for 2019 

We’re sure you’ll agree that your living room is built for chilling out and curling up with a good book after a long day at work, so it’s essential that your living room has a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.  In order to create this welcoming feeling, it’s important to experiment with comforting textures and enveloping colour schemes.  

What colour palette should I use? 

If you’re lucky enough to have a large living room, then you can definitely afford to go down the experimental route when it comes to your chosen colour palette.  Warmer shades, such as mustard yellows and rich reds can easily transform the mood in your living room.  If you’re looking for colours that will promote a soothing and tranquil environment, then you should definitely consider pale greys and blues.  Deep shades like dark greys and vivid purples, will create a luxurious feel that will help transport you to an indulgent oasis as soon as you walk through the door.  

Still feeling a little stuck when it comes to the perfect colour palette for your living room?  Not to worry, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite colour options for your living room below:  

Dark purple hues  

The rich and intense mulberry shade used in this living room design helps to add instant warmth and creates an inviting atmosphere that your guests are sure to love.  

Go for neutrals with a wood burner 

A wood burner instantly helps to evoke feelings of cosiness and comfort, making it an instant focal point in your living room.  This is why it’s important to use a neutral colour palette, so as not to detract from the warming fireplace.  

Go for grey 

Grey walls are a great option for any cosy living room space, regardless of the size and space of the room.  Plus, grey walls often create the perfect backdrop for a festive décor scheme, so this could be a great choice for festive fans! 

Creating a modern country vibe 

Smart furniture choices combined with white walls helps to create a modern country feel.  You can add extra warmth by incorporating cosy shaggy cushions into your living room design.   

Quick and simple design updates 

For a quick design update, try adding a selection of new textures.  Soft cushions and chunky-knit throws will help transform your sofa into snuggle-city, whilst a well-placed woollen rug will feel extremely cosy underfoot.  If you’re planning on switching out your current sofa situation, opting for a tactile fabric like leather or velvet will help to create a sumptuous feel to your living room.  Another way to increase the cosy feels in your living room is to add prints in rich, warm colours.   

The cosiest radiator options for your living room 

Another way to add warmth to your living room is to up your radiator game.  With so many stylish radiator options to pick and choose from, your home heating options aren’t restricted to boring or bulky choices.  Instead, designer radiator options offer so much more than warmth.   

Contemporary radiator designs easily combine killer functionality with great design, which helps to make your radiators truly spectacular.  Any modern designer radiator you choose has been designed to add unparalleled style and comfort to any room in your home – making it the perfect way to create a cosy environment in your living room!  You should definitely check out brands like Trade Radiators for the latest designer radiator options at unbeatable trade prices. 

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