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The green and gold trend has taken the interior design industry by storm, bringing a luxurious rich atmosphere to any room.

As a stand out trend for this season, it has slowly developed over the past few years into its mass popularity this year. The delicious deep velvety green that people just can’t get enough of has become a statement piece in demand.

Many also love this concept, however are scared to commit to a sofa suite, because let’s face it, they are expensive.

You can do this without a large expenditure, and high risk. Here are some ways to create this look in a way that suits your style and budget.

Natural colour schemes are on trend

Naturals are a great way to build contrast and create warmth with this style. This also means you won’t need to change your full décor style, by adding in touches here and there, possibly investing in a green armchair could do the trick rather than a full sofa, buy soft furnishings which also complement creamy natural shades, as this will create an expensive and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Try and incorporate other colours, painting the walls emerald green can give the powerful message you want without purchasing much to change the room. Keep everything else fresh white, with bursts of warm pinks and deep purples to accent the cool green tones.

Invest in gold hardware

By using gold hardware throughout the room gives a luxurious feel to the choice of deep green. Buy lamps, tables, accessories and decorative furnishings.  This concept looks good in any room around your home, living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. The green concept looks great with a monochrome room, and you should consider incorporating lots of different aspects like books, coasters, side tables and green foliage from plants, vases or mirrors.

Gold pineapple ornaments, candles, gold tray, floor lamps, bins are all widely available on the high street.

Make it as luxurious as you wish, go all out and invest in some emerald green marble features.  Don’t have the budget to buy an elegant coffee table? Buy coasters, clocks and small items or invest in some DIY concepts, recover, re-paint, re fabric old items and give them that green and gold timeless look.

This concept can also be interpreted into a rich royal blue shade, most items on the high street come in blue velvet as well as green. Be careful to not make the room too blue and sad, keep it light fresh and incorporate the gold as well.

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