Transform Your Home for the New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, it tends to be the time that many of us start to think about changes we want to make for ourselves and this often includes changes we want to make in our homes. We want our homes not only to be somewhere where we can relax and enjoy but also a place that we can show off to our friends and family… right?  More than ever, it’s common place for friends to have dinner parties and nights in at each other’s homes having some wine and catching up with each other instead of making the dreaded troll around the bars in the city. 

With this in mind, here are some ideas to revamp your home to give it some edge and make it the envy of all your friends. And since the living room tends to be the social hub of the home, we’ll focus on giving that room TLC.


When buying a new sofa, we shouldn’t underestimate how important it is to get the right one that not only fits your home but your lifestyle. When you think about what we expect from them, somewhere to lounge, read, watch tv, entertain friends and occasionally sleep on, they are one of the most important investments in furniture that we can make for our homes.  Choosing the right sofa can bring a new lease of life to your living room so choose wisely and don’t forget to try before you buy.


Changing up or adding a stylish rug, especially on wooden floors is a simple way to transform and bring a room to life. Of course, the size and colour will depend entirely on your personal taste and your other interiors but try to invest in a good quality rug so that it stands up to any wear and tear. A general rule of thumb that you hear is that the bigger the better so that it fits under your furniture, creating an area that brings everything together. 


Another easy way to ‘brighten’ up a room is by switching up your lights. You can really add some wow factor to a room by selecting from ceiling lights that are more of a statement piece than to just to serve their sole purpose.  With a bigger selection than ever available, don’t be afraid to make a bold choice and show off your personality. Are you more of an industrial style pendant kind of person or a romantic chandelier? 


Whether we’re talking about side, console or coffee, the right table can really pull a whole look together and complete a room. Choosing the right table for your space can not only complement the room’s style but they can also be very functional, sometimes offering a dual purpose, such as storage, which comes in handy especially when you have a small space. 

Whatever changes you choose to make, bring in 2020 with a little flair!

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